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Branding Rework

I really CBF writing much, but long story short I’ve decided to tie all my branding together; Platima Cooks Platima Gaming Platima Tinkers I then setup my PayPal account and Patreon, so people have a… Read More »Branding Rework

2021-22 Chilli Season

The new chillies seeds are in, as of today. I started yesterday by soaking them in half strength chamomile tea for 24 hours, aka scarification, and now they’re in rockwool which was soaked with a… Read More »2021-22 Chilli Season

Sausages #3

Made 2021-09-17. So very close to perfect! Ingredients 600g Oyster blade steak 450g Loin chop (de-boned) 50g Montreal steak seasoning 50g Panko crumbs 5g Flaky sea salt (I’ll skip this next time, too much with… Read More »Sausages #3

Data Types We Store

Here I’m exploring what types of data we store. This will likely be followed by where we store that data, aka, services and platforms, and then how we access that data, aka, apps, extensions and… Read More »Data Types We Store