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Branding Rework

I really CBF writing much, but long story short I’ve decided to tie all my branding together;

I then setup my PayPal account and Patreon, so people have a way to encourage to make more shitty videos.

Next up I tightened up both the theme and security on this website a bit, linked my Adobe Stock images, came up with some banner ideas that I’ll snap pics of when I get time, and decided to create an Instagram… one day.

tl;dr – when I put out anything new, this’ll be the source of truth for it. You can then also comment and engage here if you don’t like other platforms. Some times I’ll also put out random rants here such as the one about data types. Just also using it as a location for me to store some of my own data as such.

And lastly, no I will not setup a Discord because fucking hell is it one hell of a piece of shit platform, nor will I stream on Twitch because that platform can also eat a dick. Just my 2c. (ps: I also utterly hate Google, but I hate the others more)


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