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Duo 256M and $150 SBC Giveaway

Well they’ve done it again, and Milk-V has released an upgraded Duo! This one sports the SG2002 chip, which is the next evolution from the CV1800B.

This processor adds;

  • 256MB DDR3 RAM, up from 64MB DDR2
  • An added ARM Cortex-A53 Core
  • A dedicated TPU that does 1 TOPS with INT8
  • An upgraded ISP that can do 5M @ 30FPS
  • Audio via GPIO

And it appears that GPIO 34 is the selector for RISC-V or ARM core, so that’ll be fun. Here is a rough (Google Translate) English version of the Chinese datasheet, as originally sourced from

In this first video I check out the changes, and try booting to the ARM core to see what happens. As you’d expect, I have stock that you can find at and when that runs out, I guarantee I have more on the way!

There’s a bit of discussion around the whole RISC-V + ARM in one MCU, and I want to kick my own off too, as I think there can be some valid use case. Here is the Reddit thread for this video:

Previous Video: (64M version).

For the giveaway, I’ll send you over $150 worth of SBC goodies, including cables, storage, cameras, USB cables and more. I cover how to enter this contest in the video, so you better check it out.

And yes, I will demonstrate it’s camera and AI capabilities at some point, but that’ll be a future video! Waiting for the Duo S first, ETA March 2024!

PS PCBWay didn’t pay for the giveaway, but they did sponsor this video and it would be AWESOME if you could give them some love. Use this affiliate link to get $5 off your first order and help support my content: 🤍

Watch here or inline below!

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