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2021-22 Chilli Season

The new chillies seeds are in, as of today. I started yesterday by soaking them in half strength chamomile tea for 24 hours, aka scarification, and now they’re in rockwool which was soaked with a pH 6 solution for the same period.


This year I’m going for a few less plants, as I’ll likely have to relocate them, but being more specific with what I grow and why;

  • 2x Peri peri – as they’re the stock standard for many sauces and recipes
  • 2x BBM Primo – awesomely hot and crunchy
  • 2x Carolina Reaper – just have to have it
  • 2x Orange Habanero – hot as all hell, but also one of my favourites!
  • 2x Aji Lemon – just for some medium heat, colour and a different flavour
  • ‘Banana pepper’ – something new I’ve found and not tried before
  • ‘Jonas Orange’ – no idea I even had these seeds, so will see how it turns out.

This is on top of a few plants that have survived since last season;

Still in a hydro setup

  • Peppadew – These are a great staple as they’re so mild and delicious
  • 2x Cayenne – Again for recipes and sauces, just easy to grow and harvest
  • 2x 7 Pod Burgundy – As awesome as the BBM Primo’s I think!
  • Birds Eye – Another variation of peri peri essentially, slightly different flavour though
  • Purple UFO – I am not a fan of this one, but winter did not kill it

In pots

  • Yellow Habanero – Accidentally took a cutting of this instead of Orange Hab, but it did not fruit, so yet to try it
  • 2x Unknown – Leaves only just re-growing, and the labels are missing, so this’ll be a surprise
  • 7 Pod Burgundy
  • TGP Jalap – More information on this in a future post
  • Peppadew

In the ground

These were rescued from a mate who was going to throw them out.

  • 3x Unknown
  • 3x Jalapeno
  • 2x Ahaheim

The Plan

Well, I am probably going to stick to ~14 in a hydro setup, but that definitely needs a bit of a rework after a few issues last summer. No big job though, just improved drainage, filtration, and some fittings. For germination this year though, I finally got a Mars Hydro LED light to get them going with!

Each rockwool block has 2-4 seeds in it, and they’re being kept at 25-28C by a thermostat switch which is hooked up to a heating pad meant for small dogs hah. There is also an oil heater in the room set low just for the overnight, but depending on how it goes, I may put that on a 240V socket timer and turn it on only at night. Summer is just coming in, and I want to be power efficient!

Lastly, the lighting is off for now until they sprout, then I’ll go for 12 hours of light per day; 6am – 6pm, before starting to harden them for potting-up with some afternoons outdoors. While in this stage, I’ll also manually monitor the hydration and top it up required.

Oh and there’s a timelapse

So yep, I stuck the PITA Logitech Brio 4K webcam up there pointing at them, set to output a 4K video at 60fps, but recording 1 frame every 30 seconds. The program I use for this is called VideoVelocity 3, made by CandyLabs, and it works a treat. I’ll likely post the timelapse to YouTube when complete.

The setup at day 0

12 happy little itty bitty chilli plants to be!

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