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Sausage Recipe. Take 2.

This is rough, and from a few weeks ago, but I’m putting it up as I’m going to keep making more snags.

I’ve not put up recipe #1 as I honestly don’t remember. It may be in my notes somewhere, but they were so bad that I don’t want anyone sourcing that for possible ideas!

  • Hog casings
  • 858g Chuck steak
  • 255g Pork rasher (so it’s now 23% pork, 77% beef)
  • 22g Flaky sea salt
  • 110g Ice
  • 27g Montreal steak seasoning
  • 1tsp Chilli flakes
  • 1tbps Brown sugar
  • 1tbps Grated parmigiano Reggiano

Mince. mince again. stuff into casings. Rest in fridge to drain and dry out a bit before wrapping.

The mincer I am using here is the Healthy Choice MM30 which I did a rough review on over here… oh I’ve not posted that Youtube video yet! That’ll actually have sausage recipe #1 too. Dear god.

Too salty. Pretty good, but just too salty.

Edit: Turns out the Montreal steak seasoning is FULL of salt, so reducing the added salt in my next one.

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