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Data Types We Store

Here I’m exploring what types of data we store. This will likely be followed by where we store that data, aka, services and platforms, and then how we access that data, aka, apps, extensions and plugins.

My good friend J got me on to this, after having a bit of an extensive conversation one afternoon about apps, platforms, and the like, so I’ve dated this article as when I decided to delve into this a fair bit more. She’s also a writer, and a damn good one at that, and having assisted her (terribly apparently hah) with some of her writing in recent months, I thought that this could be a good format. I am certainly not making a vlog – I don’t have the face nor the will for any more publicity!

While this is not a finished list, this is my current draft that I am working on refining. As such, treat this page as evergreen perhaps.

  • Notes – Key snippets of data in concise format, short form
  • Writing – Blogs written, URLs to publications, long form
  • URLs – Aka bookmarks
  • Emails – Both the client, and the provider
  • News – RSS feed, this is not necessarily data that is ‘stored’ though, unless you publish your own. ‘Blog’?
  • Photos – Self explanatory
  • Tasks – Things that need to be done, in short form or short term
  • Projects – Things that are longer term or involve multiple resources
  • Contacts – Self explanatory again
  • Calendar – “
  • Music – “
  • Health Data – Possibly platform dependent, but your historic health readings
  • Code – Programming data, probably not for everyone. Akin to recipes?
  • Knowledge – Snippets of data – Sources of truth for structure; app lists, how to’s, recipes?
  • Places – Locations of interest or experience
  • Credentials – Access to services or sites
  • Health – Exports from Fitbit? Or a central store for all health data?
  • 2FA Codes – Separate to the above?
  • Misc – Binary files of one form or another
  • Backups – Encrypted copies of the above

And there was something that I thought of earlier, and opened this list to check if I had included it… but it’s gone. Later me’s problem!

What’s not covered here but may be in the future, is protecting this data, and self-hosted vs public cloud.

Photo by Tobias Fischer on Unsplash </2021-09-10>.

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