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Ikea Tillreda Portable Induction Cooktop

This product really does have some great features, but god damn is it a piece of garbage compared to nearly every other portable induction cooker I have tried, and that really is a shame!

The Arlec Smart Plug/Socket has a nice design, and some interesting internal components (video coming shortly on @PlatimaTinkers) but that’s the only upside.

My favourite so far:

• Tefal:
• Healthy Choice:
• Anko / Kmart:
• Breville: (the video that started all this).

Induction Cooker page:
Plug/Socket page:

As far as smart plugs / sockets go, my favourite so far is the TP-Link Kasa… RIP. Crappo Tapo is just not the same. Athom was VERY close, but did not pull through in the end. Ref:

None of this is sponsored FYI.

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