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Anycubic Photon Mono X 6K

It could have been dropped in transit, it might just be a bad batch, but having multiple faults, terrible support, and having spent hundreds on resin trying to get it working, I’m done and it’s going in the bin.

At one point Anycubic support suggested selling it on eBay for parts! What the hell?

Intro was an @sl1pg8r reference 😂

2023-07-06: Disassembling the unit and re-connecting all ribbon cables fixed the LCD. A new build plate has been sent, and the motor and Z-screw has been replaced. So it’s now partially working, but I will have to get improved FEP screws engineered from something other than badly heat-treated carbon steel. The stutter in the Wash & Cure machine is apparently “within tolerance” though after they made me disassemble it twice 😑

Issues (summarised)
• The Wash & Cure rotation is stuttered, sometimes worse than other times, and things fall over
• The FEP sheet it came with was really bad, making the initial tests a waste of time
• The Z axis has a dozen things wrong with it, from scraping the lid to bottoming out to causing imperfections on tall prints
• UV light leaks out of the back and bottom, which is not good for your eyes
• The screws holding the FEP in round out extremely easily with the supplied tools, and there’s no spares
• Support seemingly don’t care, and expect you to repair it yourself
• The factory build plate is not perfectly flat, nor is the scraper any good
• The touch screen stopped working randomly less than 3 months in

What I Liked
• Build height of 245mm is great
• Their eco resin (plant based) is the best I’ve used yet
• It has a great resolution of 34.4μm X/Y
• Has dual guides on the Z screw
• There’s stock in Australia

Link in new tab here.

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