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LuckFox Pico – Easiest eSBC Yet?

You all need to try these – so damn easy, so damn #embedded! I’ve actually ordered stock too – whenever the hell it arrives.

I am super curious what they are defining as a ‘RISC-V MCU’ though – do you have any idea? PLEASE TELL ME GOD DAMN IT.

The custom SD image I made: (Last updated 2023-11-16)

Power Consumption @ 5.2V:

  • No image: 60mA
  • MaskROM mode: 60mA
  • Booting from SPI: up to 80mA
  • Booting from SD/TF card: up to 125mA
  • Booted idle: 44mA
  • ADB connected: 50mA
  • Memtesting: 80-95mA
  • CPU stress test: 98mA @ 1.104GHz

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Link in new tab and embedded:

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